Avoid fast food if you want to avoid asthma

I have just completed reading an article in healthnews.com After reading the article my first thought was “Oh no! Is this true? If it is then our future generations are truly in great danger.” The research was conducted by some researchers from Germany, Spain and Britain. They have studied data related to 50,000 children from 20 countries around the world. Among these 20 countries the countries whose residents rely more heavily on junk foods especially on burgers have higher number of children with problem of asthma. And the children who eat more amount of fish, vegetables and fruits are less affected by asthma.

So what does that mean? Does it mean that if you eat burger you will get affected with asthma? The  answer is “partially yes” according to the article. Partially because it’s not like that if you eat burgers and junk foods then you will certainly get asthma but these foods have a significant role in causing and increasing the chance of developing asthma in you and your child’s body. According to the evidences presented  by some Australian researchers with the University of Newcastle, the foods which contain high amount of fat play a role for airway inflammation. These evidences were presented in a health conference held in last month in New Orleans. Asthma occurs when our lungs get inflamed and tighter and narrower. If you already have breathing problem then this situation get worse when the airway gets inflamed.

The lead researcher of the research conducted by German, Spanish and British researchers, Mr. Gabrielle Negal from Germany has not accused burgers directly to cause asthmatic conditions. But he has emphasized about the lifestyles of the adults and children who are more interested in eating junk foods and result of that lifestyles like being obese and not doing exercises.

So if you apply a little bit of common sense and judgment then  it should be clear to you that junk foods and especially you can say that burgers are playing a significant role in causing asthma to us and especially to children. Really shocking! Isn’t it ? Because, not only the children but also adult people rely heavily on fast foods for various reasons like taste of those foods, busy lifestyles and not to mention the unconsciousness about health.

I too like fast foods. But i can refrain myself from eating them frequently. But do you have that much control over yourself ? I wish you do. But if you don’t then you should watch yourself. Because this unhealthy habit of eating junk foods may cost not only you but your future generation a lot.

Act wisely. Achieve fitness and wellness for enjoying more happiness in your life 🙂

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