Exercise & Fitness Equipments – Part 2

Some Useful and Popular Fitness equipments

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As there are so many fitness equipments available in the market it is not possible to talk about all of them in this post. But I will try to talk about a few of them.

There are also many fitness and exercise accessories designed specially to meet some of your demands. So, besides trying only the following equipments you should check for more equipments and accessories which can serve your purposes in your local stores, online stores and also in gym.



What is a Treadmill?

Treadmill is an indoor exercise machine which will allow you to walk, run or jog on a moving belt which is generally placed on a stationary deck.

Treadmills generally come with heart rate monitoring action. So, you can monitor your heart rate closely while you walk, run or jog.A quality treadmill will have many advanced features like: It will let you adjust the incline of the deck so you can feel walking, running or jogging to upward direction.

Types of Treadmills

Treadmills can be generally classified into two groups.

  1. Manual: Manual treadmills are light, inexpensive and more portable than the automatic. They can be easily folded and put under beds.
  2. Automatic: Automatic treadmills are generally heavier, more expensive and less portable than the manual treadmills. But, you will get a better exercise experience in automatic treadmills.

Who should Use Treadmills?

  • Anyone who would prefer to walk, jog or run in home or indoor any time.
  • Anyone who wants to keep a more fit body and increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system and also want to maintain a healthy weight.

Who should not use Treadmills?

  • Anyone who has joint or ligament problems in knees or lower portion of the body. Because, treadmills involve lower portions of your body to a great extent.
  • Anyone who just wants to build muscles and increase strength.

Tips for Buying Treadmills

Choosing treadmill can be a really tough job because there are so many types of treadmills out there.

Treadmills from different manufacturers may vary in size, shape, features and of course in prices. But, if you remember the following tips you can have the best one for you.

  • Buy those treadmills which will give a larger space to walk, run or jog. Ensure that your natural movements still keeps you on the belt.
  • Don’t bother too much for the manual or automatic type. Each has its own benefits and features. Choose the best one that meets your demands.
  • If you plan to buy a motorized treadmill then see for warranty /guarantee period of the motor. Longer the warranty period, higher chance to be a better equipment.
  • Check the minimum and maximum speed that the equipment can support. If you want to buy a treadmill for walking or slow running only, then you won’t need one which supports faster speeds only.
  • If inclination of the deck is important to you, then check the minimum and maximum range of inclination. Also see the mechanism to adjust the inclination, whether it is pre-configurable or you have to do it manually each time.

Elliptical Trainers


What is an Elliptical Trainer?

An elliptical trainer or sometimes known as cross trainer is a special kind of fitness equipment which simulates jogging and running kind of experience in a fixed position.

During exercising with elliptical trainer you will stand on two pedals and move your body forward and backward holding the handles of the equipment. These movements ensure a thorough overall body workout.

Who should use Elliptical trainer

  • Anyone who wants an overall body workout without actually running or jogging.
  • Anyone who wants to have a good body workout by putting less pressure on the joints of lower body portion.
  • Anyone who wants to burn more fat with less effort.

Who should not use Elliptical trainer

  • Anyone who loves walking, running or jogging. Because, though it simulates a running or jogging like movements you actually won’t be allowed to do them.
  • Anyone who wants to build heavy muscles in arms or legs.

General Tips for using Elliptical trainer

Using elliptical trainer may be confusing for some of the beginners and at the same times it can be really fun. The following tips will help you to use the elliptical trainer more effectively and safely.

  • First stand on the pedals straightly so that your back is in a neutral or straight position.
  • Try to keep your knees, hips and ankles aligned.
  • Grab the handles.
  • Move your body in forward and backward directions in natural way while paddling the paddles and holding the handles.
  • At starting maintain a slow speed and make the movement faster gradually.

Stationary Bikes


What is a Stationary Bike?

Stationary bikes are a special kind of exercise equipments which will give you the experience of paddling on a bicycle but your position will remain in the same place or stationary.

These type of equipments are very good option to do exercises for mainly the lower portion of your body. You will get tension settings adjustment option in stationary bikes, which will allow you to do different level of workouts.

Types of Stationary bikes

Stationary bikes can be classified in the following two categories:

  1. Upright: In the upright type stationary bikes you will sit on the equipment as you would sit on a bicycle.
  2. Recumbent: In recumbent type stationary bikes you have to sit with your legs stretched out rather than putting downward.These types of stationary bikes are good for those who have back pain problems.

Who should use Stationary Bikes

  • Anyone who would like to maintain a general fitness.
  • Anyone who has problems on knee joint but wants to do effective cardiovascular workouts.
  • Anyone who wants to build knee muscles.

Who should not use Stationary Bikes

  • Anyone who wants more upper body workout.
  • Anyone who wants to build arm muscles.

Weight Machines


What is a Weight Machine?

Weight machine is an exercise equipment in which you will push or pull pre-adjusted weight against some kind of resistance. Generally weight machines will let you adjust the weights, so you can adjust the best weight for you.

Who should use Weight machines

  • Anyone who wants to build muscles in certain portions of body. It can be arms or legs.
  • Anyone who wants to increase strength and endurance.

Who should not use Weight machines

  • Anyone who wants to have a deep cardiovascular workout or wants to increase oxygen consumption during exercise.
  • Anyone who wants to have full body workout.

Free Weights


What are Free Weights?

Free weights are simplest kind of exercise equipments in which specific amount of weight is put. So, you just have to determine the amount of weight which is suitable for you. Common examples of free weights are Dumbbells, Barbells.

Who should Use Free Weights?

  • Anyone who wants to build muscles and increase strength.

Who should not Use Free Weights

  • Anyone who wants full body workout and particularly cardiovascular workout which increases oxygen consumption.

I hope this section has helped you to be familiar with some popular and effective exercise and fitness equipments. If you want do exercise with the flexibility of doing them at your home at any time you should think of buying any one of the above equipments.

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